Online Criminal Records Checks Service

The FA CRB Department has introduced the Online CRC Application process. The purpose of this is to make the CRC application process more efficient, quicker and cheaper for clubs. The information below provides all the necessary guidance for Club Welfare Officers and applicants at each club.

Information for Club Welfare Officers

To register to use this service Club Welfare Officers need to email the FA CRB Department for a Club Registration Form to  Once you have completed and emailed the registration form back to the FA CRB Department, access to the online CRC service will be created for your club.  You will receive two emails. One will confirm your personal login details needed to activate your account as a verifier. The other will provide all the information you require to check your club members. Please note: these details are unique to your club registration and should be retained for future reference. Once the account is activated your club members can commence the application process.

Note, to use this service CWO’s need to have an accepted CRC. If you are a CWO requiring a CRC Disclosure, follow the same process and submit your application online. You will need to have your ID verified by a County FA Verifier. A County FA Verifier list will be detailed on the summary page of your online application. Once your CRC has been accepted, contact us and we will set you up as your club verifier.

Who needs an FA CRC Enhanced Disclosure?

The FA requires everyone who works or volunteers in children’s football and regularly cares for, trains, supervises or is in sole charge of children to apply for an FA CRB Enhanced Disclosure. The FA strongly recommends all Club Welfare Officers, coaches and managers of youth teams have a repeat CRC check every three years, in line with other sporting organisations, to provide continuing reassurance to parents that The FA places safety at the heart of the game.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) have set out guidance on ‘Regulated Activity’ and all information can be found under the Criminal Records Checks section of the WRCFA Welfare information. There are specific roles within Junior Football where a CRC check is essential, such as a Manager, Coach and CWO. Other roles, such as the Secretary, Treasurer or Chairman are not required to have a CRC (unless that individual is also involved in coaching) . For clarification on eligibility or for further guidance contact

How do I get my club members checked?

Once your club has been registered you will receive an FA CRB Online Club Guidance email confirming your club access details with an FA CRB Online Club Applicant Guidance attachment detailing application instructions for your club members. Each club receives their own unique PIN number which their applicants use.

For guidance on how to use the Online Service Please Visit our Youtube Channel to see 4 videos which take you through the process click on the links below

Video 1 Club Registration

Video 2 Application

Video 3 Verification

Video 4 What Next Checking Up


Volunteer fee: £10

Non-volunteer fee: £54

Payment is made online via PayPal (credit and debit cards accepted). Payment is made once the verification process is complete. The application will not be submitted for processing until payment has been made.

How do I check progress of applications?

Once complete, The FA reviews each Disclosure. The CRC status should be monitored via the Online Safeguarding Service accessed via your CFA Member’s Services in the normal manner. The process is only complete when the applicant’s CRC shows as accepted.

Use of CRC Enhanced Disclosure information by The FA

By completing an online CRC Enhanced Disclosure application the applicant is allowing The FA to have sight of any criminal record or non-conviction information that is held and released by the Police via the CRC process. This information may include outstanding prosecutions and relevant allegations of criminal behaviour. In line with the CRC Code of Practice, The FA may disclose this information to those involved in making a suitability decision. The FA may use any or all of this information to help decide suitability to be involved with children or vulnerable adults in football.

Is it secure?

Yes. The online service is tested, approved, audited and used by several government departments.

Should you require any further information regarding The FA CRB online service please email or ring 0845 210 8080.

Attached is the FA E-Guide to the CRC application process.

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