How parents can report their concerns

Creating fun, safe football environments is central to safeguarding children. Most children and young people have a fantastic experience through football – but sadly, some don't.

This might be down to over-competitive parents and coaches shouting and constantly criticising them from the side lines – the kind of behaviour that the FA’s Respect Programme is designed to address. Or it might be due to some other kind of abusive behaviour towards them.

Safeguarding Children is everyone's responsibility and having welfare officers in all clubs and leagues with youth teams is crucial to ensuring all children can play in a fun, safe environment. If you are worried about a child it is important that you report your concerns -  no action is not an option.

If you see a situation involving  a child/children that doesn’t seem quite right, or makes you feel uncomfortable, you need to report your concerns to the Team’s Manager or Coach. You can also complete the ‘Report Your Concerns’ Form (which is available to download below), your Manager will then refer this matter onto the Club Welfare Officer.

However, if the situation involves the Team Manager or Coach, you need to report your concerns directly to the Club Welfare Officer.

Your Club should have procedures in place to deal with any concerns that are reported. Please report your concerns. If you are unsure whether to report a concern or not, then report it anyway.  It is better to be safe, not sorry.

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